Thursday, September 11, 2014

Vegan MoFo Breakfast sandwich

I had a gorgeous go on the trail this morning! I love being outside early in the morning!
I've got a long day today, and won't get lunch until after my swim class later this afternoon. I need a good breakfast that won't leave me hungry again before then, but is not too filling so that I feel heavy in the water.
This recipe is a modification of a recipe I've previously posted on this blog 
and is in frequent rotation in my house.
First, I sliced some tofu into quarter inch strips, tossed them in a mixture of nutritional yeast, ground flax seeds, and garlic powder. Then I toasted them for a few minutes on each side in my cast iron skillet.
Next, I put a whole grain tortilla in the pan, topped it with some mashed & baked sweet potato, a bit of daiya mozzarella, and the tofu, and warmed the whole thing.

I added a bit of hot sauce (my favorite right now is Virginia Gentleman Bourbon Chipotle sauce)! Folded it in half, and, YUM. This ended up not being one I could pick up and eat with my hands.

Do you yoga? You should. I try to incorporate at least 10 minutes of yoga into my routine every day.
Before my daughter was born, I was NOT a morning person, but when she was little, I found I needed to be. Morning time since then has been my time. Now, I love my mornings. I run or walk my dogs, do a little yoga, have a nice breakfast, and get ready for my day!

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