Monday, April 25, 2016

Plan April 25- May 1

I haven't been posting my food plans (OR MUCH OF ANYTHING) lately. In part because I've been writing other things. Mostly, though, because I've been traveling and working and working and working and working. Sigh. This semester is kind of kicking my butt right now...

But... I have a great plan for the future (to be shared, you guessed it, in the future). For now, I am focusing on my first goal of March Madness (remember that?) To drink 100 oz of water a day, and continuing to train for the Wildwood Half Marathon.

I was really good about yoga-ing last week. I love yoga, and find that if I can dedicate even just ten minutes a day to it, I feel better. Unfortunately, if I don't get it done in the morning, I am not very good about yogaing in the afternoon. This week I am also challenging myself to rediscover the love that is every day yoga practice.

Yoga & walk
Breakfast: Orange muffin
Lunch: Weekend leftovers
Dinner: Banana Berry Chai Smoothie

Tuesday Yoga & run (4+)
Lunch: tofu sandwich
Dinner: Pizza poppers

Yoga & walk
Lunch: pizza poppers
Dinner: Banana Berry Chai Smoothie

Yoga & run (4+)
Lunch:Mediterranean hummus pasta
Dinner: tofu sandwich

Breakfast: fruit & vega shake

Breakfast: fruit & vega shake
Dinner: Buffalo Ranch chickpea burgers

Yoga & run (10)
Breakfast: peanut butter french toast
Lunch: Buffalo Ranch chickpea burgers
Dinner: "Tuna" melts

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Books read 2016

2016: my reading goal each year is 100 books. 100 is nice, it is comfortable. A few years ago I read 120+, and that might have been too many. But reading is something I love to do, I never feel I have to work for it.
Anyway, this year I thought I'd track HOW I was reading. I'm determined to use the library more.
RR like last year, means that this is a book I have read before, and have re-read. It seems silly that there are so many great books out there, and I read something over, but some books deserve to be re-read. Others were intially read so long ago that re-reading give me new insights!
A means I listened to the audio book.
L means I've checked the book out of the library.
This year, at the end of each month, I'm going to add to my list a brief recap of the month, including book highlights, and share what books I'm currently reading. Some people read one book at a time, I have at least one book per device/style, sometimes I  have a book I'm reading in each room of the house!
January: several Neil Gaiman re-reads, more audio books than normal, a few yoga practitioner books, and two by Joe Hill.
#10 , Yoga, your home practice companion from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center was a really great resource, and I wouldn't mind adding that to my permanent collection one day. I brought Mia aboard the Amanda Palmer love wagon this month with her fantastic book, The Art of Asking  (#9).
1. The ultimate beginners guide to crossfit and yoga- Joe V. Run 1/2/16
2. A clash of Kings (GoT2)- George R. R. Martin 1/4/16
3. The Chimes- Charles Dickens 1/5/16 A
4. Odd & the frost giants- Neil Gaiman 1/8/16 RR A
5. Stardust- Neil Gaiman 1/9/16 RR
6. Heart shaped box- Joe Hill 1/10/16
7. Journey to the center of the earth- Jules Verne 1/15/16 A
8. Between the world and me- Ta-Nehisi Coates 1/20/16
9. The Art of Asking- Amanda Palmer 1/21/16 RR A
10. Yoga, your home practice companion- Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center 1/22/16 L
11. 30 Essential Yoga Poses- Judith Lasater 1/22/16 L
12. 20th Century Ghosts- Joe Hill 1/25/16 L
13. Trigger warning- Neil Gaiman 1/30/16 RR A
14. Fortunately, the milk- Neil Gaiman 1/31/16 RR
15. The Strange Library- Haruki Murakami 1/31/16 L
February: 1Q84 was long, and interestingly challenging to read. I really enjoyed it, but thought the end dragged 100 pages too long.  This month I tackled two particularly lengthy novels, 1Q84 and Reamde (still working on the latter).
Interestingly enough, the books I read/am reading this month seem to fit a sci-fi/video game/Asian influence I've been drawn to lately: The Diamond Age/  Ready Player One/ Armada/ The Man in High Castle/ 1Q84/ Reamde....
1. How to market and promote your bok on a $0 budget- Kristin Lajunesse 2/1/16
2. The man in high castle- Philip K. Dick 2/4/16 A
3. Oryx and Crake- Margaret Atwood 2/5/16 RR A
4. The year of the Flood- Margaret Atwood 2/13/16 RR A
5. 1Q84- Haruki Murakami- 2/19/16 L
6. Armada- Ernest Cline- 2/21/16 L
7. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz- L. Frank Baum 2/26/16 RR A
8. Becomming a Supple Leopard- Dr. Kelly Starrett 2/27/16 L
YTD: 23
Ooops. I forgot to log things in March. I DID read.  I added a few that I know I read- but there should be others on this list.  Sigh.
1. Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the Universe- Benjamin Alire Sáenz 3/1/16 L
2. Furiously Happy - Jenny Lawson 3/3/16 L
3. Maddadam- Margaret Atwood 3/10/16 A RR
4. Fortunately the milk - Neil Gaiman 3/15/16 RR
5. The Miseducation of Cameron Post Emily Daneforth 3/?/16 L
6. The Curious Nature Guide- Clare Walker Leslie 3/?/16 L
7. Reamde- Neal Stephenson 3/?/16 A
YTD: 30
Ah, April, another slow reading month.... I can't wait for summer semester when I have TIME to read more!
1. The Diamond Age- Neal Stephenson 4/5/16 A RR
2. The first 15 lives of Harry August-Clair North 4/10/16 A RR
3. The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy-Douglas Adams 4/13/16 A RR
4. Neverwhere- Neil Gaiman 4/15/16 RR
5. The Martian- Andy Weir 4/21/16 RR
6. Let's pretend this never happened- Jenny Lawson 4/22/16 L
7. Buddhism: A beginner's guide- M. E. Dahkid 4/25/16 A
8. A short history of nearly everything- Bill Bryson 4/30/16 RR 
YTD: 38
1. Are you my Mother?- PD Eastman 5/1/16 RR
2. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki-  Haruki Murakami 5/5/16 L
3. Cosmos- Carl Sagan 5/8/16
4. Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World-  Haruki Murakami 5/15/16 A
5. Lexicon- Max Barry 5/18/16
6. The Secret History of They Might be Giants- Michael Goleman 5/20/16
7. The World According to Garp- John Irving 5/31/16 RR
YTD: 45
1. What if- Randall Munroe 6/5/16 A
2. Watership Down- Richard Adams 6/10/16 RR
3. Origins: 14 billion years of evolution- Neil DeGrasse Tyson 6/15/16 A
4. Everlost- Neil Schusterman 6/17/16
5. The girl with all the gifts- M.R. Carey 6/18/16
6. Who we be- Jeff Chang 6/20/16
7. The Fireman- Joe Hill 6/27/16
July was a good reading month. I read 13 full books, and played with several others. When I say I play with books, I may mean I started them, re-read a portion of a previously read book, or previewed soon to be read books. I read two books this month in graphic novel form that I've read in traditional novel form before, and was pleased with the graphic take.
1. How to talk to girls at parties- Neil Gaiman 7/6/16 G RR
2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone - J K Rowling 7/10/16 A RR
3. The Wrinkle in Time- Madeline L'Engle 7/10/16 G RR
4. The view from the cheap seats- Neil Gaiman 7/12/16
5. The illustrated Stephen Hawking- JP McEvoy & Oscar Zarate 7/12/16
6. An Ocean of Despair- Thor Harris 7/17/16
7. The wee free men- Terry Pratchett 7/19/16 A L
8. 14- Peter Clines 7/23/16 A
9. The Shining- Stephen King 7/23/16 RR
10. Everwild- Neil Schusterman 7/23/16
11. A hat full of sky- Terry Pratchett 7/24/16 L
12. Two brothers- Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba 7/26/16 G L
13. Neuromancer- William Gibson 7/31/16 A RR
YTD: 65
1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child- JK Rowling 8/3
2. The Fold- Peter Clines 8/6/16 A
3. Everfound- Neil Schusterman 8/10
4. Beyond Civilization-  Daniel Quinn 8/13 RR
5. Mistbourne- Brandon Sanderson 8/22/16 A
6. Robert Frost collected works 8/20/16 RR
7. Locke & Key 1- Joe Hill 8/24/16 G
8. Locke & Key 2- Joe Hill 8/28/16 G
9. The Inexplicable Universe-  Neil Degrasse Tyson 8/27/16 A
10. Locke & Key 3- Joe Hill 8/29/16 G
11. Coraline- Neil Bauman 8/29/16 A RR
12. Collins learn Spanish- Paul Noble 8/30/26 A
13. Locke & Key 4- Joe Hill 8/31/16 G
Books read YTD: 78
1. Locke &Key-  Joe Hill 9/1/16 G
2. Locke & Key - Joe Hill 9/4/16 G
3. George Carlin reads to you 9/8/16 A