Sunday, September 21, 2014

Vegans at the Ren Faire!

The local Renaissance fair is a tradition for us- we love going in the fall, seeing the shows, eating the food, and mostly just being silly.

The Ren Faire is a time to dress up. This year, I went crazy with a cape and my steampunk goggles. I'm testing out some options for my upcoming Halloween costume. You see folks in all kinds of weird get ups at the fair- zaniness is encouraged.

I noticed that they'd hired one of my favorite characters (a guy who looks like Johnny Depp) to sell flowers! And Rob was very sweet and bought me one from him.

The rain didn't stop us from seeing the shows- one of my favorites was an acrobatics show called Barely Balanced with flips and twists and a little bawdy humor.

We made some new friends at the White Stag.

Mia looked stunning in her period- appropriate costume! Ryan and Rob chose jeans and t-shirts.

My other favorite show was a spin on Cosmos, but told from a 1500's point of view. The little boys up front took it all in great humor.

Since it was rainy and a little chilly, there was no line at the henna tent!

Oh, Yeah, food! The Ren Faire is pretty heavy with "Steak on a steak" kind of meat stuff, but there are multiple vegan options that I'm able to enjoy and look forward to each year.

At the wine garden, the wine/cider mix is lovely!

My favorite lunch at the Ren Faire is the Falafel sandwich. Their Tahini dressing is vegan, but the other one is not. I like being able to have some green veggies on my sandwich here, when much of the food is brown and greasy.

Later, we got some fried green beans with a spicy mustard sauce for dipping.

Also at the fair are fruit stands, there is a veggie wrap, the corn on the cob is vegan as long as you request no butter. The spiral cut potatoes, and sweet potato fries are also tasty.


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