Sunday, September 7, 2014

Vegan MoFo PETA College Cookbook review

On Sundays during MoFo, I'll be reviewing vegan cookbooks. Today, in honor of college classes starting up, I'm reviewing PETA's Vegan College Cookbook. I initially purchased this book for my daughter, Mia, who started her junior year this year, but then also purchased it on kindle for myself.
Mia is not a vegan, but she is a life-long vegetarian, and enjoys vegan foods.

This is not a cookbook for a seasoned vegan, nor for anyone who understands what the broiler setting on their oven does, but it is a fantastic book for young folks who are living on limited means and with limited cooking options.
In my opinion, I would prefer not to use so many faux meats, nor use the microwave as much, but then again, I am not new to veganism, nor do I live I
in a dorm room! That being said, I think this book is perfect for the targeted audience!

I tried out the Faux Mac and Cheese recipe, which looked pretty simple. The original recipe made 4 servings, so I halved it. 
The first step in this recipe was to cook the pasta in the microwave!
This was something I'd never done before! I used half the box, which was a little less than half of the suggested pasta (the recipe called for a 16 oz. package, but I'd purchased whole grain pasta which comes in 13.5 oz. packages).
After I drained the cooked pasta, I added 2 tbsp earth balance, 2 tbsp nooch, and about 1/8 c almond milk and mixed together.

It looked pretty good, but not very creamy. Kind of like the weird powdery mac that was the store brand growing up...

So, since I am an adult, and have those kind of resources, I added a large dollop of cashew crema. I generally keep a jar of this in my fridge. It adds class to EVERYTHING.

I served the Mac topped with chives with a salad Rob made of cucumbers and onions in vinegar. All in all, it was a meal classy enough for grownups, but on a college budget.

Want to take a minute to see the plates close up? I'm working on painting a whole series of vegan dishes!

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