Saturday, September 20, 2014

Vegan Thai food and self defense

Cari and I took a little journey over to Reston recently, to participate in a RunSafer workshop. This was a free workshop sponsored by our local chain of running apparel stores, and put on by Todd Williams, a former running Olympian, and Brazilian Jiu Jistu expert.

This was a great workshop, specifically designed for solitary runners to train in self defense. Todd had some good suggestions and taught those of us in attendance (mostly women!) how we could be better aware of our surroundings, ward off attack, and defend ourselves in those situations.

I highly recommend checking him out- he was funny and informative, and brought up ideas that most people don't consider. You can check out his website here to find a workshop near you.

Anyway, after the workshop, Cari and I wandered over to a local Thai restaurant in the same center.  I was pleased to see multiple vegan options on the menu. I had told Cari earlier in the day that generally I have the best luck at ethnic restaurants finding vegan food! So, not only did I get to order vegan, but Cari also ordered vegan so I could taste two things!  Hooray!

Cari got a slightly spicy fried tofu dish. Yum. The sauce was mostly a curry spice, so not too hot, but very flavorful.

I ordered the vegan Pad Thai, and at first was taken aback to see bits of red in the dish- upon questioning our waitress, she told me that was a red tofu, baked for flavor first. It was super yummy. And I ate all of it! Learning about self defense is hard work!

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