Monday, September 15, 2014

Vegan MoFo plan 15-20

This week is looking to be even busier than the last! Gotta love September, right? Because the schedule is so busy, I've planned for easy prep meals, and will cook ahead when I can. For instance, I will cook two batches of rice on Monday (actually, I'll probably cook 3, one for the dog food) so that I don't have to cook rice again on Wednesday. I'll probably even splurge on pre-chopped veggies this week! That's okay!
Not only do I have my regular schedule of teaching & tutoring & swimming and running, but this week I've also got a group of veterans coming in (I volunteer with a group that brings in WWII and other vets to DC. This group is all Korean war vets from Nebraska!) and also, this weekend is the DC VegFest!

Walk, Run, Abs
Black beans & rice

Walk, Swim, Abs, Yoga
Vegetable noodle soup

Walk, Run, Abs
Vegan Fried Rice

Yoga, Swim, Abs
Hero Flight- meals TBD

Lots of Walking, Abs
Hero Flight- meals TBD

Lots of Walking, Abs
Hero Flight- meals TBD

Walk, Run, Abs

I love working with the veterans. They are amazing people who have stories to tell. They are our history. My job with the group is as the on-the-ground girl. I get things that are needed, smoothe the feathers of security guards, and I also act as their tour guide which is super fun! I've learned more interesting facts about DC just because of the questions I am asked.

The DCVegfest is also great fun! Tons of great food & speakers & vendors! I can't wait!

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