Sunday, September 28, 2014

Plan October 5 - 11 vegan oktoberfest & reflections on Vegan MoFo

This week I'll be attempting some traditionally German recipies, vegan style. I spent many years growing up in Germany. Back then, I was vegetarian, and I remember how difficult food was sometimes! My staple meal going out was "kasebröt" (cheese bread), which was boring, but food. Now, I understand Germany has a very popular vegan community! There are several vegan restaurants there, as well as vegan delis, where you can buy vegan "meat" that is fresh! Cool! I'd like to get back to Germany one day. I have many fond memories of my childhood there. This week, I will have to settle for some filling vegan Oktoberfest food...

German Lentil Soup (HHA)

Abs & Arms
Spicy Mustard chickpeas (HHA)

Bavarian Onion Soup (HHA)

Abs & Arms

German Potato Salad & vegan sausages



Well, Vegan MoFo is over. Part of me missed it, but most of me is tired. 30 posts in 30 days, with pictures and new ideas, and making sure my kitchen was clean enough to take food photos in was exhausting.

At the end of the month, two other bloggers gave me Liebster awards, which I haven't had the time to respond to yet, but I was pretty flattered. My posts got a lot of traffic, which was exciting, and I got some nice feedback. Some of my posts were even referenced by other sites!

So what now? Well, I will be stepping back from the blogging for a bit. I still plan on posting the weekly meal plans, but do not have any other regular posts planned for a bit. I'd like to tell you about the books I'm reading, or events I attend, but we will see. No promises. (Other than a book post tomorrow,  that is already in the works).

I will continue to post pictures to Instagram, that's a quick and easy venue for sharing. If you don't know, my IG name is @zuzubeat.

Other than that, thank you all for indulging my many posts during September's Vegan MoFo!

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