Saturday, September 6, 2014

Vegan MoFo - Vegan eating out

Sometimes my friends or colleagues want to go out. Happy Hour, out for lunch, just a bite, etc. Most of the time, if I go, I try to pre-eat. I don't know about where you live, but in my immediate vicinity, there aren't a ton of vegan options as far as restaurants go. I mean, sure, I can make a meal happen anywhere. Salads can be modified, plain baked potatoes with vinaigrette, fruit cup-sure, I've had more than one meal consist of an order of french fries. But when those are my choices, I pre-eat, because what I can do at home will be cheaper, tastier, and healthier.

Side note, there are a growing number of vegan options in my area, so I am NOT complaining! And, I'm fortunate enough to live about an hour away from DC, where you can find some really amazing vegan food...

Anyway, I do love to go out to eat when I have CHOICES. And when there is something there for me that is tasty and healthy! I find I have the best luck at locally, independently owned restaurants. When the chef is on site, and willing to come out and talk to you, you know you're in for something good. 

One of these locally and independently owned restaurants is SaPoDilla's Caribbean Restaurant in Fort Washington, MD. Rob and I happened on it one day this summer when we were taking a back road home.
The first thing we saw on the sign was that they had a juice bar. That sold me. Then I spoke with the owner, and she was super knowledgeable about veganism. HOORAY!

Today, my friend, Cari, and I had a lunch date. I really enjoy the fact that she is such a good friend! Lunch dates are hours of talking, and it is awesome. We've tried different places in the area, and today went to SaPoDillas. I ordered the "vegan platter" and was pleased to get garbanzo beans, curried potatoes, rice, and cabbage.

On top of the great food, I loved catching up on all of our various adventures! Cari and I also sing in the college choir together, and we're also taking a Bahngra class together! Fun!

Today, I am really thankful not only for good vegan food, but for also good friends!

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