Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vegan MoFo batching it up with a solo chickpea sammie

Tuesdays and Thursdays in my house are tricky enough normally, with afternoon and evening activities on my part that include tutoring, Bhangra dance class, Yin Yoga class, and choir rehearsal. Sometimes, Rob and I catch some dinner together, other evenings we each eat when we get home. This past week, in addition to the normal craziness, I also threw in a few doctors appointments and missed lunch, so I was ready for some comfort food when I got home.

I made a chickpea salad for a warm sandwich by mashing up a can of chickpeas, adding some chives, chopped celery, veganaise, and lavender salt.

I slso noticed that Rob had some frozen fries in the freezer! I popped those in the skillet to cook while I finished making my salad.

Once the fries were done, I layered some daiya cheddar on a tortillia, added spinach, half the salad, and some sliced tomato.
Using the second half of the salad, I repeated this process for lunch the next day. This sandwich is good warm or cold.

This dinner was perfect, although it may have been a little more filling than I prefer before yoga class!

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