Saturday, September 20, 2014

Vegan MoFo DCVegFest!

September 20 was the 2014 DC Vegfest! I spent my morning with the Nebraskan Korea War veterans, and after they left for the airport, I headed down to Yards Park, and enjoyed my afternoon there. This festival has grown exponentially over the last few years! The 2014 vegfest had thousands in attendance, and over 100 vendors.

I was carrying all of my things from my time with the veterans, so I didn't take many pictures at the event. Khepra, though, had a huge line of folks waiting for him to use his machette to open green coconuts!

Once I got home, I could snap a few to share.

I didn't pick up much literature and other swag, mostly because I'm already on the mailing list of many of these organizations, and I don't really need any convincing on the veg front, I am already a vegan!

I did pick up a number of coupons, and some cards of new businesses. 

Picked up some vegan treats for the pups! They LOVE Max & Ruffy's

Bakeshop is a new vegan bakery in Virginia. This got hot and squished in my bag, but apparently it is their biggest seller.

*I did eat this melted cookie the next day, it lives up to the hype! It  was an oreo coated in chocolate chip cookie! Decadent!*

Another new local company, 2 Armadillos, has oven roasted chickpea snacks.

I enjoyed speaking with the owner of this company, she donates half of her profits to local animal organizations, and the ingredient list is short and organic.

This gal is also in NOVA, and had 5 different natural moisturizers.

Eric, from Embitterment, shared these DC organic bitters. I bought a bottle of the aromatic bitters for Rob.

Craft Kombucha had a line 10-15 people long. I tried the hoppy lemon one, and bought the spicy pineapple. It took me a few days to drink all 32 oz, but was just as good on day 2 as day 1.

There are so many samples to try at the DCVegfest, that even though I want to buy and eat all the food from the vegan vendors, I'm generally too full to eat a full meal. I bought some foods, including the cookie above, to bring home for dinner, and lunch the next day.

I've eaten vegan pastries from Sweet & Natural before, but never been to their cafe in Mt. Ranier. I picked up lentil loaf, macaroni, collards, and cornbread. I ate the meal for dinner at home that night. I ended up mixing all three items together, and loved every bite. The cornbread was part of a fantastic breakfast.

I also stopped by Stefwich, a small, woman owned caterng company. I asked Stef herself what I should take home, and she thought I'd enjoy these tacos.
I ate them cold the next day for lunch, they were quite tasty. Stef used Beyond Meat for the filling in them, which I still had yet to taste. The tacos were very good, with just a little bite of spice and tartness, needed no reheating, and still held their form the next day. I am thinking of hiring her to cater my party in March!

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