Sunday, September 28, 2014

Vegan MoFo Vegan Eating Out: Naked Lunch, Amsterdam Falafelshop

I was super excited to receive a special invitation to the secret soft opening of Native Foods in DC. I've eaten at Native Foods before in Boulder, CO, and really love this vegan cafe. There are multiple locations opening in DC this fall. The location on Conn. Ave NW is slated to officially open on the 30th, and another at Navy Memorial in mid-October.
When we arrived, however, there was a line out the door. It didn't look like we'd be able to eat there and make it to the club we were going to in time, so we didn't go in. The manager, though, did hook us up with gift cards to use the next time we came back.

We ended up eating at Amsterdam Falafelshop on 14th near the club. Everything here is at least vegetarian (some of the sauces have dairy). This restaurant has a number of locations in the DC area, most of which are located near bars and other late-night venues. They also have a good sense of humor about themselves. For instance, there's a sign next to the order counter instructing customers how to order a falafel bowl: "Say:'I want a bowl with ____ balls' " and underneath, there is an arrow pointing to the blank that says "This is a number, NOT an adjective!"

I ordered a small falafel (3 balls), a small pommes frites, and a Heineken. You add your own toppings to your falafel. I chose beets, cabbage, hummus, pickled cauliflower, and cucumber salad.

Ohhhh, curry ketchup. You glorious condiment, you.

Mia and I were hungry, especially after having ridden 9 miles on our bicycles and walked over a mile in DC. Poor girl got some blisters from her shoes, too.

It was so much fun having my girl home for the weekend! I've missed her!
We did make it to the Black Cat on time! And saw Pomplamoose! They put on a great show! Nataly was adorable and so talented,  and Jack I'm convinced is both a musical genius and a muppet!

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