Monday, September 8, 2014

Good Monday Morning, Vegan MoFo friends!
Last week, I wasn't able to make all of the meals I planned, but I had fun in the kitchen. It was a busy one, with school starting! I also got back in the pool to swim laps twice last week, and attended a Bhangra dance class which is a hoot!
This week, I'm inspired by some meals I've had recently in restaurants, as well as an awesome blog. Next weekend, we'll be heading to the Renaissance Fair, and I'll be running in the Air Force-Navy 5 miler.
This week is also the BIRTHDAY week of my two favorite humans! Mia (Tuesday) and Rob (Sunday)! Look for special posts this week in their honor!

Walk, Run, Abs, Arms
Variations on Cafe Gratitude's "I am Humble"

Walk, Abs, Swim, Yoga
Mia's Birthday!
Vegan Spanokopita

Walk, Run, Abs, Arms
Curried carrot slaw with maple triangles (inspired by

Yoga, Abs, Swim, Bhangra
Late night leftovers

Abs, Arms, Self-Defense class
Aloo Paratha (Potato stuffed vegan bread- making extra for Mia to have up in college)

Renaissance Fair!
Yum! Ren-Fair Food!

Air Force-Navy 5 miler
Rob's birthday!

This past week on the trail, I saw a Crawdad on the running trail! I see them close to the water sometimes, but rarely on the trail, so that was a treat! Copper didn't know quite what to think, and made a wide berth around it.

Speaking of Copper, she's my long-run dog, and accompanies me on my LSD runs (Long-Slow-Day). Friday, though, she wanted to stop and rest after about 5 miles.  It's been awfully hot and humid here this week, and I think that's why. 

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