Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Polenta chickpea gravy

Tonight's recipe was supposed to be a roasted chickpea salad, but I baked all the sweet potatoes last night, and had them again for breakfast, so I ended up making up this dish, which was a big hit.

1.5 c. Chickpeas
3 heads broccoli, sliced
1 sweet potato, baked and mashed
1 c. Almond milk
1.5 T. Nutritional yeast
3 green onions
1 tube polenta, sliced
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook the chickpeas in a large skillet for 15 minutes, and add the broccoli, sweet potato, onions, nutritional yeast, and milk. Cover and simmer on medium low heat while you fry the polenta.

To fry the polenta, fry in a bit of olive oil in a skillet until crispy.

Serve gravy over polenta, with fresh ground black pepper.

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