Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Reading, Eating, Running plan October 14-20

This week features the two recipes I didn't get to last week. Then there will be lots of eating out, as I go to a Math conference. Eating out is tough, not just for vegans, because restaurant food is so much higher in fats and calories than home- cooked food. Luckily, there are some vegan and vegan friendly places where I'm headed, and I do have a per diem!

Looks like this week will be drier than last, thank goodness! I am thankful for, but tired of the rain. Back to a normalish running schedule this week.

Run 4
PBB quinoa tater tots, zucchini fritters & flax green bean fries

Run 2
PCRM Broccoli Burritos
 may also give a new original recipe a try, making mased potatoes with cashew milk.

Run 4
Rob and I are having dinner at DuClaw! Their beers are vegan friendly, according to Barnivore.com. They have a lovely hummus platter that is easily veganized.

Thursday & Friday:
NCTM Teacher's Conference
Lots of walking! Possibly I will find a run or two.

Run 8

Rest day

This morning, I pulled out my juicer. I haven't juiced in a while, even though I really enjoy fresh squeezed juice. I guess the reason I don't do it more often is that the juicer is a real pain to clean. Does anyone have a suggestion for an easy to clean juicer? Also, can someone who has a vitamix tell me if it is worth purchasing?

Anyway, my juice this morning was fantastic. 5 large carrots and a ginger root. Yum.  I made some juice for Rob, too, with a carrot, some celery, some garlic, and peppers. Today I also got some juice from the vegan fest that was made of celery, sweet potatoes, and cilantro!

In November, I may do a juice cleanse, but not next week! No... Next week is... Wait for it, here comes the surprise announcement!

I have been asked to be a guest vegan blogger for Upton's Naturals! Upton's is a fantastic vegan food company based in Chicago, IL. Next week on the blog, I'll be debuting 7 new recipes using Upton's Seitan. Curious as to what seitan is? Tune in next week to find out!

PBB www.plantbasedonabudget.com
PCRM www.pcrm.org
UN www.uptonsnaturals.com

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