Sunday, October 13, 2013

Acorns A Go-Go!

Yesterday, we visited lovely Greenbelt, MD, for the groovy Acorns A Go-Go Vegan Fest!
This small festival was hosted by the NewDeal Cafe, and MC'd by the lovely Honey LaBronx.
What? You don't know Honey? Then I demand you go to her site right now and witness her fabulousness.

Honey was awesome enough to share with us her recipe for a super breakfast smoothie, and did some great sets between bands at the festival. She also teased a mysterious recipe for an energy drink with dates!

It had been raining all week, but the skies cleared up today. Just in case, though, the bands played under an awning. We particularly enjoyed the aptly named Bad Weather Boyz.

As always, this vegan festival offered some tasty eats! This couple, The ABC's of Vegan, made some amazing KALE doughnuts! I tried the pumpkin spice one, while Rob really enjoyed the Sirrachia flavored one!

Honey LaBronx did a great Aretha!

I was really looking forward to this food truck: The Randy Radish. Their truck was across for the booth we worked at the DCVegfest a few weeks ago. They had a long line most of the day, and when my shift ended, I wandered over to see what everyone was so excited about. Apparently they sold out of the Jackfruit BBQ around noon. That made me wonder what was so exciting about it!

Hooray! They had them!

The Jackfruit BBQ was fantastic! Jackfruit has a meaty texture, and the gal working there advised us that young, green jackfruit doesn't have a sweetness, whereas ripe jackfruit does. So when using it as a meat substitute, young should be used.

Picked up some spring rolls also from TRR for Mia, and Rob was so jealous of my macaroni from The Everlasting Life Cafe a few weeks ago, so he got some from their truck.

Acorns A Go-Go Groovy Vegan Fest was hosted By Green Vegan Networking (Cam MacQueen) and Defending Animal Rights Today and Tomorrow (Lisa Qualls).

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