Sunday, October 20, 2013

Seitan week! October 21-28

Hail Seitan!
What the heck is seitan?

Dont get worried- my immortal soul is safe.  Seitan is a gluten based protein.  Made from wheat, this is not bread-like.  Seitan is sometimes called wheat-meat, as it is high in protein, and has a meat-y texture when cooked.  I first stumbled upon seitan with a recipe for vegan philly cheese steak sandwiches.  It soon became such a favorite, that it has become our holiday-meal.  I make seitan each year for Thanksliving feasts.  Seitan can be an extremely comforting food.

Seitan can be readily purchased pre-made!  Upton's Naturals is a Chicago based vegan company that makes multiple different types of seitan. Five flavors include traditional, ground, Italian, chorizo, and bacon. According to Upton's, "Pronounced "say-tan", seitan is a traditional Japanese food made by rinsing the starch away from wheat and retaining the protein. With an impressively meat-like texture and robust flavor, seitan is both high in protein and low in fat without the cholesterol associated with meat."  Upton's seitan also contains no artificial flavors or colors- something I find "fake" meats do frequently.  Seitan isn't a "fake meat," instead it is more of a real food that can be substituted in for meat in many recipies.

Upton's has asked me to be a guest blogger, so each day this week, I will be publishing a recipe featuring seitan.  Since the weather is getting a little colder, many of us turn to comfort foods for some inner warmth.  Each of these recipes is comforting in that manner.

Here's what I'll be making this week.  Expect full recipes and pictures the next day.  I'll do my best to have a quick turnaround.

Last week was a little wonky with my running schedule, as I was up at a conference in Baltimore.  I got lots of mileage in due to walking, but haven't run since Wednesday!  I want to do 13.1 over the course of Friday and Saturday, so I have two longer runs scheduled for later in the week.

Walk 1, Run 3
Mini seitan shepard pies
I'm hoping to get some prep work done for other meals this week on Monday afternoon, as that is my only early day home.

Walk 1, Run 2
Pumpkin seitan broccoli curry

Walk 1, Run 4
Fried seitan ramen Asian crunches

Walk 1, Run 2
Spinach seitan quesadillas 

Run 8.5
Rice, avacado, and seitan stuffed peppers

Run 5
Philly cheese seitan which

Rest day
Biscuits and gravy

If you're unable to find Upton's Naturals products at your local market, you can fill out one of these cards to request it!  Our local Mom's carries it, and Upton's kindly sent me some coupons for their products to use there.

On the reading front, I've been reading so many articles and reports for my dissertation research, there hasn't been too much time for pleasure reading, although I did listen to Carrie by Stephen King, and have recently started reading Koko by Peter Straub, and listening to The Golem and the Jinni by Helen Wecker.  Because I'd just listened to Carrie, Rob and I decided to watch the original film last night- which I think was relatively well done.  There was one moment, though, that got both of us, and we screamed!

Have a wonderful week, friends!  

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