Tuesday, October 15, 2013

On juice and dog toys.

Dinner last night was finger food. From www.plantbasedonabudget.com, I made quinoa tater tots, flax green bean fries, and zucchini fritters. 

I also created two dipping sauces to accompany these morsels, a cayenne curry ketchup and a dill-avocado mayo dip.

I've recently been so thirsty for juice.

My first juicer was given to me about 20 years ago by my cousin, Jenny, whom I totally admired. Of course I fell in love with juicing. Many years and multiple juicers later, I actually haven't juiced in a few years. Mostly because juicers are so difficult to clean!

But, I still love fresh juice. So I broke out my juicer a few weeks ago, and I am so happy to have rediscovered this!

My favorite of all is carrot juice. All carrots, all the time. If I have some ginger root, I add that in. 

Today I made a green juice with one bunch of black kale, one bunch of rainbow chard, and a Fiji apple. Sounds super healthy, eh? Super tasty, too.

Using organic produce really makes a difference, too!

The other item of note today is that I finally broke down and bought Copper this $20 toy that is supposedly indestructible and designed for toy destroyers like my girl.

Of the three dogs, Copper is the fondest of toys. Jack likes to occasionally play chase with Copper's toys where he'll grab one and run until Copper chases him. Lily will once in a while chew on a toy, but Copper is the real toy aficionado.

When we first brought Copper home, her favorite toy was a stuffed Cheshire cat. She carried it everywhere. She didn't destroy it right away, but she WAS a chewer. She chewed the corners off of my coffee table, and the baseboards off of the walls.

Then she discovered the joy of chewing the eyeballs off of a toy. Shortly after that, came the fun of pulling all of the stuffing out of the toys.   While this put fluffy bits of stuffing all over the floor, I didn't mind when she destroyed toys as long as she left the couch cushions intact.

In the last month, Copper's favorite toy was a stuffed alligator, and when her doggy friend Kai came to play, it met it's demise, so I replaced it with a blue shark toy.

Within a few minutes, the eyeless shark was oozing cotton.

At the store, I had looked for a non destructible toy, and found an elephant touted to be worthy of a dog with Copper's mad skills. I didn't purchase it right away because of the price tag. $20 seemed pretty steep for a dog toy, but after the rapid destruction of the blue shark, I decided to invest.

It took her about an hour, but she killed it.

Copper=toy killer

Jack is shocked at the carnage.

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