Friday, October 11, 2013

A Hectic schedule for a "Fall-back" week!

Sometimes, Nothing goes the way you have intended.  That's not a bad thing, though.  In this life, I think it's best to roll with it, and enjoy life, no matter what twists and turns it takes you on.

First of all, let me share this great picture of Rob and I, this was taken at the Rivers Edge Restaurant on Pax River Base for his awards dinner. Look at how skinny I look! And these great (vegan) boots!

The weather has been quite fall-like this week, with wind and rain. Good one for a easy workout week.  
Tuesday evening the sky was really fantastic to see. My crummy camera only captured a bit of it.

Rob was a sweetie and brought me home sunflowers on Monday! They're among my favorite flowers! The colors seemed to go well with my autumnal state of mind, too!

Of the five planned meals for this week, I've only successfully made two of them! Ah, well, we'll see those recipes again next week.

Two of these sweet potatoes are organic, and one was purchased at Safeway. Any guesses?

Monday night I made The Vegan Zombie's twice baked sweet potatoes. They came out beautifully!
First, I baked three sweet potatoes for about 45 minutes at 350. Being that two of my yams were supersized, I could have baked them an additional 15-20 minutes, and my mashing process would have been easier.

After I pulled them out of the oven, I cut out the insides, and mixed them with some vegan plain yogurt,  hot red pepper flakes, a little earth balance, and some vegan organic bacon bits. Then I refilled the skins, topped them with more red pepper flakes, bacon bits, and some daiya. They were beautiful to look at and extremely tasty!
Wednesday evening we ended up having Winesday at Annie and Bart's house. They played the part of host(ess) with the mostest. I love our little tradition of Winesdays! It is something I look forward to each week, and when we miss it, I miss my friends!

Bart ( not an anti-vegan, but a serious carnivore) has been perfecting his veg grill skills, and turned out a fantastic looking vegan dinner! Grilled potatoes, and a basket full of mixed grilled vegetables.

 Friday night, I made these adorable mini pot pies from Plant Based on a Budget. They came out so cute, that we gobbled them up without remembering to plate them for pictures! This was a super easy and comforting recipe that I will use again!

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