Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday musings

Oh, Wow. Let me first share with you the gloriousness that is vegan leftovers!  This is my lunch today:

Vegan Mac & cheese from Everlasting Life.  The last of the mini-pot-pies, a greens and dill salad with a little Annie's Italian dressing and a glass of fresh squeezed carrot juice. This is a ton of food- I'm going to have leftovers from my leftovers!  Thank goodness Rob will be home shortly!

Follow up: Nope- didn't dent it.  Leftover leftovers.

Unfortunately, I polished off the carrots when I made this glass.  Sad.  Must get more!!!

Last night, I took Mia to the 9:30 club to see They Might Be Giants.  They're a favorite band of both of us- I've seen them a number of times since high school, but this was Mia's first time.  They put on a great show!

Moon Hooch opened for them.  This saxophone duo + drummer did a really impressive set where the guy on the bass sax actually played dub-step, and the other sax had some pretty impressive circular breathing skills.

Today (after sleeping in- c'mon, I'm not a young college kid anymore- staying out 'till 2am means I get to sleep in) I took the pups to the Bark in the Park event- although it was raining, and muddy, we all had a great time.  Now I'm home being a responsible human, and working on my dissertation.

Follow up: actually, I'm spending more time blogging, aren't I?  Ok, to work now.  Be scholarly. Be scholarly. Be scholarly!

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