Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday, I miss you, Come back!

I must say, my Sunday was everything I wanted it to be. After a super busy week, with lots of miles, I took Sunday as a total rest day (I wore my pedometer, and got less than 5000 steps!). Mia had to work, and Rob went out with his friend, Karl, and I did NOTHING. Well, not nothing, but nothing I didn't want to do.

I wore sweatpants all day.

I took a nap on the couch during the football game!

It was really lovely. Other than that, I drank some tea, I read my book, I did some Holiday shopping (don't judge. I hate shopping, so I generally start purchasing my Holiday gifts online mid-summer so that I never have to step into a mall). Did a little laundry, and also cleaned my office!

I generally try to clean every quarter break, but this time I did a large overhaul, as Paula, Rob's mom, just gave me a lovely old secretary. I am giving Mia my old desk, and will set up an extra little table in there so I have space to spread out my papers.

It was a pretty big task, as I also cleaned out my file cabinets, and supplies drawers, as well as my bookshelves, and hanging lights Rob got me last spring. But it looks great, and as the next phase of my dissertation research starts up today, I'm pleased that it is done.

Friday, I did a virtual 10k(+) by running 8+ miles, Saturday, we did the Race for Every Child 5k in DC, so what should I do today? What, run another race? Ok!

Pups and I this morning did the #Run4Rover Howloween 5k. Check it out, all proceeds go to a dog rescue, and my pack all got medals! Aren't we adorable?

I know, crazy to run a race in the morning on a work day, but I'm giving tests today.  It's ok.

I have an exciting vegan announcement to make later this week- I am hashing out the details now.
Happy October!

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