Monday, November 4, 2013

Autumn meals and ramping back up the training Nov. 4- 10, 2013

It's November! I love fall, especially living in Maryland, where the trees are so beautiful, and the air feels so clean. My daughter would chime in that November is when I am finally willing to contemplate turning on the heat, but I don't think it's time, just yet!

I feel like I've meandering and not training as hard or studying as hard these last few weeks. This week it is time to ramp that back up. I have been really enjoying my morning sessions of yoga and will continue doing that.  Last week we had juice almost every day, and that was great!

Walk 1, Run 3
Tofu steaks, watercress, and garlic mushrooms

Yoga, afternoon walk
Rob and I are going to see Ani Difranco at the 9:30 Club, so we will get vegan Chipotle on the way.

Walk 1, Run 4
Winesday, fiesta black bean chili (Moosewood)

Yoga, afternoon walk
I have choir, so Rob is going to make seitan stuffed cabbage leaves

Walk 1, Run 9
Broccoli Mac & "cheese" casserole (Vegan Zombie)

Lentil quinoa balls with mushroom gravy (Vegan Cuts Fall) & roasted brussels sprouts (inspired by Frog Leaf)

Rest day
Loaded baked potatoes & caramel apples (Vegan Cuts Fall)

Have you heard about Chipotle's new vegan offerings? I know that they are everywhere in the D.C. Area. They changed their pinto bean recipe so that both the black and pinto beans are vegan now, and the also offer sofritas, which is a tofu, spiced up with chipotle sauce. Also, I love their new anti-factory farms ads.

For breakfast on the weekend, I'm planning on baking a pumpkin chai loaf, and if I'm feeling really inspired, I will make caramel apples. In the Fall Vegan Cuts recipe collection, the have a recipe for caramel apples that uses bacon seitan, which sounds either incredible or terrible, but fascinating either way.  Either way, I'm planning on dissertating and watching football (read: napping) on Sunday.

I submitted my research proposal last week, and got it back from my mentor with some suggestions I'm hoping to have that re-submitted to her by Sunday. I am giving a few exams this week, maybe I will find a few extra hours to work on that during the week.

I'm currently reading Poe, Marathoning for Mortals, and Cari just gave me a H.P. Lovecraft collection. Still listening to the HST collection, and midway through Helen Wecker's The golem and the jinni.

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