Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Juice-rific Oct 28- Nov 3

It's been a yummy few weeks with restaurant eating and the new seitan recipes! Tasty as vegan food is, higher calorie restaurant foods can leave one feeling sluggish. This week, I will do a four day juice intensive, with lighter meals, and start November with some clarity. I always have to be careful when cutting calories, as much as I run, so I will incorporate snacks of fruit or nuts when necessary. I also am hankering to get back to yoga, something I feel has been missing in my life lately.
No weekend meals planned yet, as we're still hashing out details for adventures!

This week I am going to be working on my dissertation literature review, making blankets for my pups, and grading my students tests. I have a special activity planned for one of my tutoring students on Thursday, as well as a costume party during choir rehearsal. I'm pre- making most of the juices tonight, so that I don't get too busy, and may pre-make breakfasts, too. 

Run 3
Carrot, pumpkin, banana juice, & toast
Green juice 1 & hummus with veggies
Pumpkin chili & polenta

Walk 2, yoga
Apple Pear Juice & blueberry crisp
Green juice 2 & tempeh salad wrap
Sweet potato pilaf with broccoli and roasted pears

Run 3
Rainbow Juice & tofu sandwich
Green juice 3 & veggies with quiona
Pumpkin hummus & roasted chickpea salad

Happy Halloween!
Walk 2, yoga
Cranberry ginger Juice & cranberry muffins
Mean green juice & veggie club sandwich
Broccoli Mac & "cheese"

Carrot and ginger juice
Green & banana juice

Run 8.5

Rest day

I am currently reading Howl's moving castle, Apacylpse Cow, and listening to the collected Rolling Stone publications of Hunter S. Thompson.

It amazes me to think that most people only know HST. For his drug addled FEAR AND LOATHING or possibly for the boozy RUM DIARIES. HST was actually a very talented journalist, with an incredible, rambling gift for prose and a staunch sense of social justice. This collection I am listening to not only includes some of his more colorful gonzo pieces, but also unpublished letters between HST and the editorial staff of RS.

In a way, possibly I feel akin to HST because Tracy and I were practicing gonzo journalism before we even knew what that meant back on our high school paper!

Thus far, I've really enjoyed his pieces on "freak power" and his coverage of the campaign he ran to try to be elected as Sherrif of Aspen, Co.

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