Friday, September 6, 2013

#veganmofo week of September 8

This last week was the first week of classes, so I admit, I didn't adhere well to my plan from last week.
Here is an adjustment, and next week's plan.
I already have the ingredients to many recipes I planned for last week. Also have to plan for some celebrations this week. Both Mia and Rob have birthdays!

Friday 9/6:
Rest day. I worked my body too hard this past week and this is well deserved!
Watermelon and veggie burgers on the grill

Saturday 9/7:
Ren Faire
Lots of walking
I'll likely get falafels- yum!

Sunday 9/8:
Eggplant ciabatta sandwiches

Monday 9/9:
Mia's birthday!
3.5 miles
Sexy vegan Eggplant salad

Tuesday 9/10:
Tattoo time
Out for sushi to celebrate Mia's birthday
2 miles

Wednesday 9/11:
4.5 miles
Happy Herbivoire Vegan Crab cake sandwiches

Thursday 9/12:
2 miles
Strength training
Vegan chickn salad
Choir rehearsal

Friday 9/13:
2 miles
Happy Herbivoire tempeh Chili Mac

Saturday 9/14:
Rob's birthday!
Race: Navy Air force 5 miler
Out to celebrate Rob's birthday

Currently re-reading the newcomers guide to the afterlife, and some Ray Bradbury.

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