Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ocean City

 We spent the weekend in Ocean City.  OC is a very dear place to us, as we got married there, on the beach at 10th St.  We've tried to go at least once a summer since.  Mia got to join us this year, and we had a blast!  We started out the weekend by stopping in to Pepper's Tavern on the Boardwalk.  They serve VERY spicy wings- and Rob wanted to see if he could meet that challenge.  He and my brothers each ate a few in 2011. This year he ate 6, and signed his name for a second time on the wall.  (This is the prize for eating more than 3).  There isn't too much on the menu at Pepper's for me to eat, although the last time we were here the cook made me a GREAT vegan taco salad.
 Mia and I weren't too hungry, so we shared a side of fries- Mia got a bowl of some hot garlic sauce to dip hers in- but it had butter, so I made my own hot sauce by mixing several salsas.
The bloody marys at Pepper's are great- because they have a fixings bar where you make it yourself.  They had an organic vegan bloody mary mix, to which I added garlic and horseradish, olives, and celery.
Rob signed his name next to his last signature.  The food was so spicy, he acted a little goofy for the next few hours.
 Not quite a full moon, but a beautiful one!
 We love to play skee-ball on the boardwalk, and there is a spot to play very near to our hotel.
 There's a haunted ride at the South end of the boardwalk which we rode, and shrieked on!  It's not scary at all, but quaint.
 Now, about the food:
Saturday morning, after my long run (7.35 miles!!) I was HUNGRY!  First we went by My Nature, a new, vegan, raw food deli where we got smoothies to drink.  Then we stopped at Malia's Cafe, where they had vegan gluten-free waffles!  Wow!
 These were GREAT, and we decided to return to Malia's again for lunch.  They have a number of options on their lunch menu which are vegan or can easily be made so.  Unfortunately, they closed at 2 on Sunday, and we missed lunch there.    We ate instead at the Greenhouse Deli, which had meat, veg, and vegan options for all of us!
 It's not difficult to veganize regular menu items. At Guido's Burrito, I was able to custom order a vegan burrito with no issues.  Most cooks are willing to accommodate, and restaurants generally make nutritional information pretty easy to find or ask for.
 While we didn't eat at Pizza Boy's this year (We generally do- and the owners, George and his son, Rob are super nice about making vegan pizzas for me) we did spend a little time on their porch, because that is the best dolphin spotting location on the whole Boardwalk.

 Sunday morning, Mia had a smoothie and Rob and I had bloody marys on the south end of the boardwalk after our run (2.7 miles for me).  Lots of walking this weekend!

 Trimper's Amusements is located at the south end of the boardwalk, and we finished out our weekend by exploring the Pirate's cove, and playing at the shooting gallery, where we discovered a neat trick about cameras and the light-sensitive targets.

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