Tuesday, September 3, 2013

#veganmofo a month of vegan blogging

I'm going to try to blog often about vegan things, and so are other bloggers. Check out the hash tag...
Anyway, here's what is planned for the week. Classes started today, so I need to be better about planning wisely.

Monday: yeah, yeah, this was yesterday
Walk 13+ miles on IHRT
Baked BBQ Tofu and veggies

Cross train & weights
Baked potatoes and spinach tofu quiche

Run 4 miles
Tofu crab cake sandwiches with eggplant salad

Run 2 miles
Cross train & weights
Choir practice, plus two tutoring sessions, so dinner is leftovers on Thursdays from now on!

Run 7 miles
Eggplant ciabatta sandwiches with watermelon

Rest day 
Veggie burgers & corn

Ren Faire

Currently reading Illustrated Man, The Long Walk, A walk in the Woods, and Failing at Fairness.

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