Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reading, eating, running week plan, September 30- October 6

We had a great time at the DCVegfest, and a lovely visit with Rob's mom, Paula. Now I am really looking forward to the Acorns A go-go vegan festival in Greenbelt in a few weeks! I've got a race this week (#14 of the year, I think!) the Children's Hospital 5k. I signed up for this one with some walker friends, and as I have a long run on Friday, and Rob is also signed up (he hasn't been training as much as he has wanted), I don't know if I will run or walk this one.

Run 3.5 miles
New & original recipe, acorn squash soup with cashew milk!

Run 2 miles, gym with Mia
upton's chorizo seitan baked tacos (

Run 4 miles
Mac & not cheese...

Run 2 miles, gym with Mia
Choir rehearsal, leftovers

Run 8+ miles
Happy Herbivore Cheater Pad Thai

Children's Hospital 5k, DC
Octoberfest 11th Street Festival 
This happens to be just a few blocks from one of my favorite Vegan eateries in DC Sticky Fingers!

Rest day
Vegetable soup

I haven't been reading as much as I would like, so I am re-reading John Irving's The world according to Garp, because that always seems to get me back into loving books. I have recently purchased some books I am looking forward to reading, including Shirley Jackson's The haunting of Hill House, a great scary book to read when the weather starts getting chilly!

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