Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Modern Love: Restaurant review

When my family invited me out to Omaha, I asked them if we could go to Isa Moskowitz's restaurant, Modern Love. Modern Love just opened up earlier this year, and I've been a long-time fan of Isa's.
my fam is awesome about going and trying out vegan restaurants, and the staff at Modern Love was great about working with me to set up a table got our large party of 10 adults, 2 children, and a newborn baby!

We started with drinks, some teas and ginger sodas. The kids loved the orange and clove hot cocoa. They make their own tea bags in house.

For an appetizer, we ordered latkes served with a coconut sour cream and apple raisin compote with eggplant bacon.

(We actually ordered two plates of these, and we devoured them so quickly, we had to order a third so I could get a picture!) These were my Aunt Penny's favorite.

When reading the menu, I stopped immediately when I saw this item, and I knew this is what I needed to order. Lentil chili with butternut squash served with coconut sour cream and a cinnamon roll. Apparently this is a midwest traditional pairing, and wow, delicious. I actually chopped up my roll and ate it with the chilli, which was spicy and very delicious.

Mia ordered the Bimbibap, tempeh served over kimchi with brussels sprouts!

Another popular dish with the family was the seitan schnitzel! Most everyone agreed that they preferred seitan over a traditional pork schnitzel. It was served over a bed of delicious mashed potatoes with roasted broccoli. My dad said this was the best vegan food he'd ever eaten!

Rachel ordered a black bean tamale that was listed as an appetizer. It was savory and the jalapeno guacamole had a smoky flavor. She really enjoyed it, and said that this smaller dish was the perfect size plate!

My mom and Aunt Penny ordered the soup of the day, a roasted cauliflower. It had a very creamy flavor and texture. The cauliflower on top was nice and crunchy. 

The kids ordered the Mac & Shews. This is served on the traditional menu with tofu, kale, and sprouts. 

Ryan has chocolate on his face from the hot cocoa, but he wanted to be in the picture with his dinner!

For dessert, we ordered four different pies to share. I forgot to take pictures of them until we'd pretty much demolished them. Here's a picture of a bite of each....

Pumpkin cheesecake, Apple Pie, Cranberry Pear Pie, and Mocha Almond Torte.

The pumpkin and the cranberry pies were the favorites!

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