Sunday, December 28, 2014

Plan Dec 29- Jan 4

Run (streak day 36)
Cassoulet (HHA)

Run (streak day 37)

Wednesday New Years Eve
Run (streak day 38)
Taco night with friends
Thursday New Years Day
Resolution Run 10k VR (streak day 39)
Black Eyed Pea Collard Greens (HHH&G) with biscuits and white bean mushroom gravy


Rob is going vegan for January! Hooray! He took the pledge at! There's still time if you want to do it, too!

And if 31 days seems like too long to commit, PCRM is hosting a 21 day vegan challenge starting on January 1 that you can sign up for here at:

I'm very excited, because not only is it a healthy lifestyle, but I know it is a choice that makes me happier every time I sit down to eat, and I'm super happy to share that with my love.

January first also brings to a close my Runner's World Run Streak! When I do my Resolution Run on the first, that will mark 39 days in a row that I've run (or skied, because I counted that). This year, even though it's the third year that I've participated, is the first year I've completed the challenge! And I feel pretty awesome about it. I am even thinking about gifting myself a streak for my 40th birthday this upcoming March. I don't know if I'll do 40 days of running, or maybe even try to go longer!!! It's an exciting thought.

Now that I have my tablet back, I'll also be getting back into more yoga. I've been slacking on the yoga without my tablet, as generally I use my apps during practice. It's an exciting time.

This week is a short blog week for me- as I'll be traveling AGAIN! I'm headed out west (solo this time) for my niece's baptism. My Aunt Penny teased me the other night that I was MAKING Rob be vegan for January, and the LEAVING him alone with it right away!

He'll be okay. This isn't his first time going vegan for a month.

But just in case he's flummoxed while I'm gone... And in case anyone else is wondering what vegan items would be easy to fix, taste good, and be healthy and relatively cheap? This list is for you....

Cereal and non-dairy milk
Oatmeal made with water or non-dairy milk
Mix in fruit, raisins, jam, peanut butter, etc.
Toast with peanut butter & jelly
Toast with avocado & garlic salt

Wrap with hummus & veggies
Sandwich with veggies, avocado & mustard
Monster salad - all the veggies & beans in one bowl!
Buddah bowl- rice on the bottom, steamed or fresh veggies, a protien (like tofu, beans, or tempeh) and a sauce on top.
Red beans and rice with kale
Portabello mushroom "steaks" with potatoes and green beans

That should get you through the weekend.....

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