Sunday, November 30, 2014

Plan Dec 1-7

Thanksgiving was a hoot- and I can't believe that the end of the semester, and the Christmas holidays are just a few weeks away. We went out to Nebraska for the weekend to visit my folks, brothers and family. My niece, Kateri was born on Monday, and I got to visit her in the hospital on Wednesday, and spend a good bit of time baby-holding over the weekend, which is always lovely. (Here's me, baby Kateri, and niece Niki! Thanks, Grandma for sharing your pictures!)

Thanksgiving dinner was a vegan feast that couldn't be beat- seitan, kale, brussels sprouts, potatoes and cranberries. Rachel and Mia were awesome choppers, and Jess made accidentally vegan pies, so life was good.
 I also ran each day, and practiced some awesome yoga moves with Mia, my SIL Rachel, and my cool niece Niki!
Now I guess it's back to real life for a couple of weeks. I have to finish out this semester, keep writing my dissertation, (my mentor sent back my Chapter 3 with all sorts of red pen markings.... sigh),  keep running- I'm a week into the Runner's world winter run streak where I run at least a mile a day every day from Thanksgiving to New Years... I started a little early, so today marked day 7, and I logged over 15 miles last week.

Tomorrow being December 1 means that I will start a new yoga challenge, one that Miss Mia has agreed to try with me.  She doesn't hate yoga as much as she claims she used to. This is a big step from the girl who once said "Mom, making yoga sound like an emergency isn't going to make me like it." We are doing the #DecemburrBasics Instagram yoga challenge. This may be trickier than I suspected because my tablet is BROKEN.  Sigh. Yep, the charging port is busted, but fortunately it is under warranty. It just means I will be tablet-less for a bit, and feel a little disconnected from the world. Mostly it means I can't instagram and can't tweet, and can't facebook in bed. But those of you who do those things know how important that stuff is.

I also am going to give the "Say it Sweat it Get it" week-long challenge a try- it's a week of mantra based exercises that Kris Carr recommended (she's the Crazy Sexy Juice lady). I'll let you know....

Anyway. After a week or so of lots of wine and eating pie on the floor of the kitchen out of the pan with my niece and nephew (someone had to show them how it was done), I'm feeling like some wholesome basic real food this week. My recipes are from the Thug Kitchen cookbook (TK), Happy Herbivore Abroad (HHA), and Happy Herbivore Holidays and Gatherings (HH/H&G). In addition, I have a choir concert this week on Thursday- if you're in La Plata, and want to hear me sing, come check us out at the college. On Sunday, Rob and I will be running the Christmastown 8k in Williamsburg, VA. We were signed up for it last year, but it got iced out. It looks like the weather will be good this year, though.

Run 2
TK Chickpeas & Dumplings

Run 1
TK Wedding Soup with White Bean Balls and Kale

Run 3
HHA Migas

Run 1
Vega One Shake
Choir Concert

Run 4
Gardein Field Roast with Sweet Potato casserole (HH/H&G)

Run 1
Out for Dinner with friends

Christmastown 8k
Dinner TBD/Leftovers

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