Saturday, December 27, 2014

Annual Ski Trip!

 December, you know what that means! We went out west and met my family for our annual ski trip in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. My parents are so awesome to host all of us kids (and our ever-growing families) each year. It is the coolest. Even if we do have to wake up at 2 am to get to the airport in time...

This year, we were again in Copper mountain, which you may know, is the name sake of our dog, Copper. Yep, we love it here so much we named our dog after this mountain.  Can you blame us?

Copper Mountain is about an hour and a half west of Denver (in optimal weather/driving conditions!). This was our fourth year here (non-consecutively) and second year in the same house.

 I'm convinced that there is more sky in Colorado than there is in other places.

 I didn't get too many pictures, but when I remember to take out my phone camera, my niece, Niki, and I had some selfie-fun.

Mom actually got a picture of us on the slopes. This was day 4, just before the storm came in and dropped 29 inches of fresh powder on us! It wasn't too cold, but boy, was the wind blowing, and fresh powder is TOUGH to ski in! I definitely counted those ski days as my run streak days. I got a great work out on the slopes.

I also got some quality time with the baby, my niece and god-daughter, Kateri Rose. She was now 4 weeks old, so she even smiled at me a few times as I held her!

Traveling back home, we were in the midst of that same storm, so we did some frantic plane shuffling, and made it to our plane transfer in Dallas with about 30 seconds to spare. Eventually we landed in DC, and had to take a shuttle to BWI, where our car was parked, but it was all okay, because in the end we arrived home safely!

Hope your holidays were as great as ours!

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