Saturday, July 5, 2014

Plan July 7-13

Sonoma tofu salad

Chickpea salad sandwich

Date night at the ballpark

Monster salad


I really did have this written for Monday, friends! Sorry for the late posting!
Saturday morning I started having some real issues with the side effects from the diamox, nausea, vomiting, the works. I had zero appetite and couldn't keep anything down. Finally, yesterday, I was able to eat something (are you ready? Some cheerios, and some mashed potatoes). Today I am hoping to eat something that is not quite as bland, or beige.

All of this is really throwing a wrench in my running training! I am honestly thinking of converting my September entry in the Air Force/Navy half to the 5 miler. I just have had no energy! I'm hoping to try a run on Friday.

So even though the running and eating fronts haven't been going so great, I have been reading a lot. This past week, I read McCarthy's The Road, reread Gone Girl, read Tropper's This is where I leave you, have read essays from the Consider the Lobster series, and have reread Oryx and Crake, and am having another go at that series, so I'm midway through The Year of the Flood.

My mom came to visit me this last week, and accompanied me to the neurologist. It was really great having her here. I can't wait to see her again in a few weeks!

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