Sunday, July 27, 2014

Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary

On Saturday, Rob and I visited the Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary.  This wonderful place is a haven for rescued animals of all kinds. For more information on who they are and what they do, please visit them at

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a young deer grazing in the meadows.  The folks at the sanctuary say that wildlife feels safe there, too, so they frequently have deer visitors.

Donating 50% of their proceeds to the sanctuary, the Randy Radish was there for the day.

Rob got the vegan Mac & Cheese, and I got the Jackfruit BBQ sandwich.

This 4 year old short hair sheep loved me. (The animal crackers I had in my bag might have helped.) She was born blind, and her mother rejected her.  The farmer didn't want to invest the time needed to bring her to the age of slaughter (for sheep, usually about 4 months) so he dropped her off here.  Now, even though she is blind, she can live a long and happy life!

Rob was entranced by the fowl.  We hope to foster rescued turkeys at our house one day.  Some of the birds didn't want to come close, but others, like the young turkeys, loved to be held and petted.

Quite a few pigs live long happy lives here, Rob was really surprised at how big they were.  My favorite pigs were some youngsters that were just rescued last month!  They were really fond of eachother!

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