Thursday, July 24, 2014

Plan August 4 - 10

Hella vegan wings (for Mia) & Daiya vegan pizza

Sonoma tofu salad (for Mia) 

Winesday @ Annie's house

Vegan Shepherd Pie (for Tina)

Pizzagania (because Mia's boyfriend only eats three things, and this has pizza in the title, so maybe he will give it a go?)

Walk/ Run if I missed one
Veggie burgers and corn

Breakfast for dinner

As you can see, I took requests from Mia and Tina this week. I figure, it's only fair, since Mia will be headed up to college soon, that I fix her favorite meals. So, we have some favorites on the list.

This week will be rather busy, as I am teaching my LEGO class at the kids college all week, and will have to do my walks and runs in the afternoons. Yuk. Cross your fingers for me that it won't be too hot or humid. A girl can dream. We are now in week 2 of my return to training, and if I'm able to complete all three runs, I'll pass my goal of collectively running 15 miles in two weeks.

My dissertation research is really trucking along! I have already conducted 3 interviews, and have 3 more scheduled. I started writing Chapter 2, and hope to have that done by pre-semester meetings.

As for pleasure reading, I am tackling Umberto Eco's In the name of the Rose, and on a slightly lighter note, on my kindle I am reading Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine

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