Sunday, July 27, 2014

What Vegans Eat: The Angry Baker, Columbus, OH

So, we'd intended on stopping here on our way out to Kansas City, but since we left early, they weren't open when we passed through Columbus.  Luckily, we had to return home, so on our return trip, we stopped in Columbus, OH, for a vegan breakfast that couldn't be beat!

I'd already scoped the menu prior to our visit, so I knew what I wanted!!!  I ordered the Vegan Sausage and Grits, and Rob ordered the Tex Mex Tofu Wrap.  Apparently they also have good vegan options for lunch, but I was set on those grits from the letter G.

While ordering, since we were getting our food to go and rushing back onto the highway (had to get home in time to get the pups from the kennel!), I also ordered one of each of the vegan baked goods they had to take home & try.

We ate the Vegan Trail Mix Cookie later that afternoon- it was nice, lots of nuts, seeds, and berries!  Not too sweet- it tasted healthy, but not dry.  Very yummy in my book, that's what I want a cookie to be.

I finally ate my Vegan Mixed Berry Muffin yesterday morning for breakfast, and after 6 days of being in a paper bag in the fridge- it was still delicious!

After I ordered the muffin and cookie, I asked the gal at the counter if there were any vegan goodies I was missing- she pointed out the brownies, which she highly recommended!  I shared the brownie a few days later with Mia, and we both agreed that it was worth the recommendation.  

This is a small cafe- with a bar and a few tables, but a nice patio out back.  I loved that they also offered soy milk for their coffee, and had vegan options clearly marked.

Here's what my Vegan Sausage and Grits looked like- Yum.  The sausage was a seitan base.  There were vegan deviled "eggs" which were a little odd, but fun to contemplate.  Their grits were fantastic, I think they mixed a little nutritional yeast into them, which gave them a cheesy flavor.  The chives and hot sauce on top were a really nice touch.

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