Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vegan eating and family fun in Kansas City

We planned on leaving early Wednesday morning, but ended up leaving Tuesday night and driving through the night.  This meant that a) we were exhausted when we arrived, and b) we got extra Jeff & Rachel time.  If you can't guess, b beats a in a fight any day. Road food included some cherry muffins I made, a stop at Sonic for flavored sodas, and the breakfast of champions: orange juice, a banana, and french fries. We'd planned on stopping for tasty vegan breakfast in Columbus, OH, on the way, but passed by before it was open. (Spoiler alert: we hit it on the way back home!)

Related? Nah....

On Thursday, Jeff, Rachel, Rob & I went out for Thai lunch- I got a  great vegan pad thai, which ended up being just as delicious cold on the way home.  We also stopped by a Natural Grocers to pick up vegan goodies for my stay.  For Thursday evening, when the rest of the fam started to arrive, Jeff cooked out burgers and hot dogs.  He cooked up some vegan burgers and Field Roast sausages for Mia and I (And Rach had one!) Rachel also made me some tasty vegan no-bake cookies, because vegans like cookies, too.

We stayed with Jeff & Rachel while we were there- which was awesome because I could make my own vegan breakfasts- here's what I ate in the AM on our stay: Tofurky breakfast sausage, Ezekiel bread with avocado or Dayia cream cheese (or both) and some coconut water.

Friday, Rob and I toured the Roastarie, the local coffee roasting factory, and drank some lovely coffee.  We then went down the street to check out the Boulevard Brewery, but tours were booked up, so we made plans to return on Saturday. We met the fam for a picnic lunch by the WWI memorial museum (Rob and I got lost- hence the fountain picture- we passed it at least four times). After lunch, Rob and I checked out the Hallmark factory, and then went to the Great Wolf Lodge to play at the water park (or take a nap next to the pool, as you were....)
That evening, we all met at Minsky's Pizza, where they had gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options!  I got a vegan pizza with Daiya cheese & artichoke hearts. YUM.

Saturday, we started off the day by running the Legendary 5k at the T-Bones Stadium.  Lots of fun!  Then Dad, Tim, Rob and I went on the brewery tour, and had lunch at Cafe Gratitude (see forthcoming blog post).  That evening we had our annual theme night at the baseball game.  This year's theme was sandwich ingredients- Mia and Ryan were pretty clever with their shirts.  He was Kevin Bacon, and she was Mia Hamm.

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