Sunday, February 2, 2014

Plan Feb 2 - 8

Run 3+
IDI Phyllo Pot Pie

Bike 10
Swim 1
HHLL Sonoma "chicken" salad (pre-cook tofu on Monday)

Run 3+
Crock pot vegan chili and cornbread

Swim 1
Bike 10
Baked Sweet Potato (pre-baked on Monday)

Run 10
THH Hippie Loaf, mashed potatoes, and veggies

THH Corn Pudding, Spicy Collard Greens, and Vegan Spicy Sausage

Rest day
IDI Seitan and wild mushroom stew

IDI - Isa Does It
HHLL - Happy Herbivore Light and Lean
THH - The Happy Herbivore

This week, Rob starts the 28 day E2 challenge, meaning he is going vegan for 28 days. He eats, for the most part, 90% vegan. Since I do most of the cooking and shopping, I guess I don't leave a lot of room for variation. In step with his challenge, I am cutting out cooking with oils. This won't be too difficult, I imagine.

I don't worry too much about extra fats in cooking because I eat pretty healthy foods, and exercise a lot. In fact, I just read Vegan for Her by Virginia Messina, and according to the calculations given in the chapter about vegan athletes, I should be eating more than 3000 calories each day! Wow! That is a lot!

My triathlon training is going beautifully, and I put in more than 50 miles running/biking/swimming last week! My distance run wasn't everything I wanted it to be, I wanted to do more than 10 miles, but ended up just shy of 9. I am really hoping for dry weather this next Friday, so I can try to improve that.

I haven't been reading as much as I would like to. I started Hollow City by Ransome Riggs, the sequel to Miss Perigrine, but haven't fallen in love with it yet. Maybe today I will pick something else up, and try Hollow City again later.

Or maybe, since it is my rest day, I will just clean my kitchen, make some food, and watch some football....

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