Thursday, January 23, 2014

Plan Jan 27-Feb 1

Run 3
Vegan Sopes

Sesame peanut crusted tofu over brown rice and mixed veggies

Run 4
Rip Esselstein event!

Choir Rehearsal.  
Sunshine salad at work for dinner.

Run 11
Seitan and broccoli with teriyaki

Walk off the Earth
Vegan tapas with friends before the concert.

Superbowl Sunday
Rest day
We may have some friends over.
BBQ Seitan (I'll use the Happy Herbivore seitan recipe for the base)
Mushroom pastries (
Spinach phyllo pockets (
Veggies and hummus
Frito chips and vegan chili

I'm currently reading Hollow City, which is very good. I'm still reeling, though, from the great dystopian trilogy (MaddAdam) that has made other books a little dull lately. I read the Divergent series, too, and really liked the first one, though I thought that the third really sizzled.

My family and I have challenged each other to a triathlon competition which starts on Monday. 15 miles swimming, 250 miles biking, and 65 miles running. Speed is not the goal, but first to complete all three wins. I want to win.

I rejoined my swimming class this semester, and will do much of my bicycling on a stationary bike at the gym until it gets warmer, when I will hit the rail trail at least once a week on a bike. Like I said, I want to win.

In food news, Rob has agreed to do the 28 day E2 challenge starting February 3 (which I, of course will be doing with him!) if you haven't heard of the E2 diet, it's all plant based, but also eliminates oils and processed foods. So, for the next month, I will be relying on recipes from Rip Esselstyn and Lindsey Shay Nixon to comply with that challenge. I think it is only appropriate that this challenge starts AFTER the Super Bowl!

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