Friday, February 14, 2014

Photographic Evidence 2/13/14

We've had some weather lately!  These first few pictures were taken in January.  We've had a number of snow days this year at the college, which is unusual.

Since Rob works an hour south of our house, sometimes, when the weather is going to be bad, he stays with a friend close to work.  That means I got to shovel the driveway.  I did a good job, though, eh?

Our friend, Annie, did the Polar Bear Plunge at National Harbor.  It was so cold!

They actually had to get in and chop away the ice in a section so that the jumpers could get in the water.

Annie did the plunge with her sister, Riki.

Her husband, Bart, was very proud of her.  After a debacle involving lost glasses, the plungers went home to get warm and dry.

Rob and I headed up to the National Gallery of Art in DC.

The evening before, we had played a trivia game, and one of the answers was Claude Monet.  I told Rob about the many Monet paintings that were on display at the Smithsonian, so we decided to go up and check them out.

I also got to share with him my knowledge of other impressionists, including my favorite, Mary Cassat.

After the museum, we went to meet Lindsay Shay Nixon, the Happy Herbivore!  She was doing a meet-up and signing books.  I was a total nerd and wore my Happy Herbivore sweatshirt.  When I went to take my picture with her, she pulled an identical sweatshirt out of her bag!

(I have to give Rob camera lessons!)

Valentines Day weekend, we had another doozy of a storm.  A herd of deer came to visit us in our yard.

I counted 8 of them.  The dogs were very excited.

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