Sunday, January 18, 2015

Vegan Eating Out: Yuan Fu's Vegetarian Restaurant, Rockville, MD

Rob and I were up visiting his mom over the weekend, and on our way up, we stopped into Yuan Fu's in Rockville, for dinner. This is a fantastic little Chinese vegan restaurant!
At Yuan Fu's, everything here is vegan and plant based. They state clearly in their menu that though the titles of their dishes have meat names, these are in reference to the styles of the dishes. One thing I really like about this restaurant is that each protein is made from a different base. For instance, beef and pork are seitan, chicken is soy, duck is pressed tofu, fish is soy and seaweed, and shrimp and squid are made with Japanese yam!
We started with an appetizer of Taro Root balls.
I ordered the crispy sesame beef with walnuts and broccoli. The walnuts in my dish were really amazing, and my favorite part of this dish.
Rob had one of the chef's specials: the veggie "duck" with Chinese broccoli, it wasn't listed as a spicy dish, but he ordered it extra spicy. It didn't seem spicy at first, but once you got into the sauce it got hot! Rob said the "duck" may have had too meaty of a texture for some vegans, but he really loved it.

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