Monday, January 12, 2015

Plan Jan 19 - 25

Beans, rice, romaine lettuce, mango salsa & avocado  (inspired by #rubybirdslunch)

Roasted Mediterranean veggie melt sandwich: marinated and baked tofu with daiya mozzeralla, roasted red onions and red peppers, kalamata olive tapenade, garlic vegan mayo, za'tar seasoning, spring mix on buttery toasted bread (inspired by #strongheartscafe)

Field Roast Celebration Roast- roasted with onions, garlic, & carrots (I'm anxious to try out this new-to-me product!)

Choir practice- leftovers night

Sesame Kale Macro Bowl: Tempeh, steamed kale, brown rice, ginger sesame sauce, sauerkraut and onions. Garnished with green onion and served with crunchy cucumber salad (inspired by #nativefoodscafe)

Rob has been wanting pizza, so I thought we'd try hand making a crust & pie today


First of all, this week starts the Spring semester for us at the college, so I must return to regularly scheduled waking times. Also, Mia has headed back up to Frostburg, she's moving into an apartment this semester and giving up the dorm life. For her I've put a bunch of my vegan recipes and resources on Dropbox. I hope she uses them! It's tough learning how to fend for yourself! I also am working hard on my dissertation, trying to put in at least an hour each day, but this week may be tricky.

Recipes this week are inspired in part by a few accounts I follow on Instagram (IG). The owner of Herbivore Clothing regularly posts pictures of her daughter's school lunch boxes (#rubybirdslunch) which is the inspiration for Monday's meal. Tuesday and Friday's meals are inspired by IG posts from plant-based restaurants!  Speaking of IG, since it is veganuary, I've been trying to post more food photos to my IG (@zuzubeat) and FB (Vegan Questing Adventures) pages. On my IG account, I have been posting flashback travel vegan pictures, helping Kristin promo her upcoming Will Travel for Vegan Food book, too. I love social media platforms for the vegan community! We are a force! And we take great pictures!

I was awfully proud of Rob when he emailed me this past week and said "I've been a vegan for two weeks!" I'd love for him to be a vegan forever....

My sister-in-law, Rachel, is going strong with her veganuary goals, too! If you are a new vegan, how is your month going?

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