Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sabra Hummus House Pop Up Restaurant, DC

During the month of October, there was a Sabra Sabra Hummus House Pop Up Restaurant in Georgetown! Rob and I got a chance to have dinner there the last weekend they were open. I don't know if Sabra is planning on doing these pop up restaurants on a rotating basis around the country, but I can recommend that if one pops up near you, go check it out!

Now, if you are anything like Rob and I, then you may consider yourself a veritable connoisseur of hummus. We eat hummus very frequently.  And we eat it with variety. When I make hummus, I usually do so in batches, with different flavors and spices in each bowl.  I usually make it from scratch, it is so simple and quick to do (and cheap), but even buying it pre-made (like we did last night, when we got a hankering) isn't going to break the bank. So, being the hummus frequenters that we are, I wasn't sure what this restaurant was going to be able to offer us that I wasn't already doing at home.

We walked in, and we'd just come from a vegan event, so we were each wearing a vegan shirt. One of the waitresses, Jen- we were introduced, ran up, and shouted, "Vegans!" She was so excited we were there, she was also a vegan, and told us that we could eat almost everything on the menu! She made sure we got top-notch service while we were there. By the way, there us no tipping allowed at Sabra Hummus House. The employees are paid as marketing staff, not as servers.

Ok, so I must say, I picked up a trick or two at this restaurant! Look at this delicious food!
I ordered the East meets West platter (on the left) which had a trio of hummus spreads topped with 1) edemame, crystallized ginger and sesame oil, 2) salty roasted pepitas and pumpkin oil and 3) crushed crispy roasted rosemary chickpeas (from 2Armidillos) and preserved lemon.  Wowza. I honestly couldn't decide which one I liked best.

Rob got a choose your own sampler, with toppings of 1) sauteed mushrooms 2) crispy arugula salad and  3) crispy basil tomato chickpeas from 2Armidillos. We each were served some crisp veggies and warm pita bread for dipping.

We couldn't eat it all, so we had our leftovers boxed up, and gave them to a young homeless man on our way home.  We like to share our meals that way.

Life is always an adventure with my love!

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