Thursday, November 20, 2014

Plan Nov 25- Dec 1

I started to plan some other meals for Monday and Tuesday, but who am I kidding, the story is the same whether you are travelling or having Thanksliving at home.  You need eat up what you've got in your fridge so that either a) your food doesn't go bad while you're away or b) you have room for Thanksliving food, and either way, let's eat up these leftovers. So we can eat up more leftovers later this week.

Actually, I love leftovers. How comforting! We're actually going to have two feasts just so there's enough leftovers for Mia to take back to college. She'll be drinking cranberry smoothies untill the end of the semester! (Note, YUM. I'll post a recipe for a cranberry smoothie next week!)

On a side note, Miss Mia had a little health scare, she wasn't feeling good, and went to the ER up at her college where they said it was her gallbladder.  I get her down here, and after hours of tests and anxious waiting, we found out it wasn't her gallbladder, just a bad flu. She should be just fine in the next few days. I'm glad she's home so I can pamper her a bit.

Recipe: Tofu noodle soup


1block extra firm tofu, cubed

2 c. Noodles

2 c. Frozen mixed vegetables

3-4 c. Vegetable broth

Directions: in a pot of water, cook the noodles for half the normal time. You want them very "toothy." (This way, when you add them to the broth and cook the soup, they don't get soggy!) Drain, and set aside. In the same pot, add a tiny bit of vegetable broth and the tofu, you just want to season up your tofu, and maybe add a little color. If you're cooking this for someone under the weather, stop. If not, add some soy sauce for added saltiness and color! Now add the remaining broth and veggies, which have been thawing on your counter. Let cook at a medium setting for about 5 minutes before adding the noodles, and then cook for whatever the remaining cook time was for your noodles!

If you eat this as leftovers, as we will on Monday, you'll sometimes find that the broth gets sucked up by the noodles and tofu. No worries, just add two more cups of vegetable broth!

Breakfast- Fruit Smoothie
Lunch- leftover tofu noodle soup
Dinner- Black Bean avocado burritos

Breakfast- Fruit Smoothie
Lunch- deconstructed samosa salads
Dinner- clean out the fridge leftovers

Dinner out with family

Thanksliving Dinner! Seitan, cashew potatoes, kale, stuffing, brussels sprouts, etc.

(See Thanksliving post-



Thanksliving leftovers


2nd Thanksliving! Gardein roast, sweet potatoes, cranberries so Mia can take leftovers home.

Starting on Thursday, I'll be re-attempting the RUNNERS WORLD WINTER STREAK which is where you are challenged to run a mile a day, every day, from Thanksgiving day to New Year's Day. This will be my third go. My first year I did pretty well, but last year, you may recall, I got really sick over Christmas, and fell off the wagon. The rules are simple 1 mile each day, pace doesn't count.  I extend the rules to count the days I ski, even though that isn't (obviously) endorsed by Runner's World. What I will aim to do is keep my current schedule of running, but add in a slow 1-miler on my traditionally "off" days.

I'm still doing a lot of yoga, and got a few good runs in this past week. I had to cover a colleague's class and missed out on my swimming, but I'll resume that in December. In the spring I will focus more on just running and yoga, and hope to pick up some yin yoga classes in January (they've just not worked with my schedule this fall, and I miss them!)

I participate in yoga groups on instagram, which can be tricky to get pictures for, especially with the pets around! This week had some really classic dog & cat photo bombs!

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