Saturday, November 15, 2014

Phoenix Garden RVA: What vegans eat

When we are in Richmond, VA, our favorite place to eat is Phoenix Garden, an all vegan Vietnamese, woman-owned restaurant!
I've eaten here a number of times, and everything has been delicious. This past Friday, Rob and I were in town for the NCTM conference, and stopped in for dinner.

Even though everything on the menu is vegan, I hardly look anymore. I generally get the weekly special, whatever it is, because Phoenix never disappoints. She posts teaser pictures on her Facebook page each week that look so good. This week, it was Vegan grilled pork with spring rolls served with rice vermicelli and mixed vegetables with a spicy sauce.

I think she makes all of her faux "meats" in house, because I've never tasted anything like them. The spiciness was tailored to suit, Rob got his extra spicy, and mine was medium spicy.

The spring rolls were served over a perfect salad of cucumbers and sprouts!

I demolished my entire plate!

With the special, you also get dessert! This is the only place I've ever seen a vegan funnel cake, and that's my favorite, although I ate so much of my dinner, I ended up having to take my dessert to go.

Rob got the fried banana with chocolate sauce. He kept asking "this sauce is vegan?" Everything on the menu is vegan! How awesome is that??

If you end up in the RVA area, go visit Phoenix! She's awesome, and her food is just amazing. 
As we were leaving, we talked with some folks from Kentucky who were in town for the marathon. I can't imagine a better pre-race food. I hope they did well on their chilly run. Saturday was COLD.

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