Saturday, November 8, 2014

Native Foods, DC- Finally!

We finally got to the Native Foods in DC. Not that I've been STALKING it since early October or anything....
I love Native Foods- for those of you who don't know yet, it's a chain of feel good vegan restaurants that has been growing in California and Colorado, and now has a DC location (and maybe soon 2 or 3???).
I first ate at a Native Foods in Boulder, CO, a couple of years ago, and LOVED it (See original post HERE). Their style is fun and funky, but healthy and accessible. When you walk in, you don't realize right away you're in a vegan joint- there's no patchouli or granola or Buddhist sayings on the wall, it's just warm and welcoming, and honest. 
Then, I stalked the Native Foods at Archives/Navy Memorial which I was told would be open sometime in October (See original tweet HERE).
Finally, I was invited to the Grand Opening of the first Native Foods in DC at 18th & M, and even though I had a time slot given of 7pm, it was a huge wait to get in the door, and Mia and I had Pomplamoose tickets, and.. Well, you can read the rest of that original post HERE....

So, as you can see, it was a long road to get to you, Native foods. But it was worth it. Every step of the way.

Rob, Cari, Paul and I ate lunch at Native Foods last weekend after our Walk for Farm Animals march, which was perfect because it was World Vegan Day, and Rob, Cari, and Paul were being Vegans for a Day.

And Native Foods was the perfect place to take them. 

At first I was a little worried, because there was free vegan food after the walk, and I was concerned we wouldn't be hungry for lunch, but Cari and I only had a tiny snack, and Rob and Paul, well, 'nuff said. I don't know about Paul, but Rob can always eat lunch.

The soup of the day was a split green pea soup- I was a little surprised, because it didn't look as creamy as I generally make my split green pea soup (I usually toss at least half of my soup in the blender) but it was very tasty!

Cari got the Native chili which was made with seitan. It was perfect for the blustery cold weather- especially since we'd just walked a couple of miles and wanted to warm our bones. She traded her cornbread for Paul's avocado, a fair trade, I think!

Paul got the Scorpion Burger with sweet potato fries. He'd never eaten Tempeh before, and I think was pleased with the outcome. He also got some Key Lime Pie, which he was curious to see how it would come out vegan. There was some debate as to whether or not he'd actually received the key lime pie, as it was not green in color, nor lime scented at all, but when he tasted it, he determined that it must be coconut- key lime pie.

My favorite thing to get from Native Foods is their bowls. I got the Kung Pao bowl which consisted of tofu, sweet potatoes, romaine, rice, pickled daikon and carrots and broccoli with peanut sauce. SOOO good. I also went back later and got a peppermint cookie to go- and haven't tried that yet- it's in my fridge to eat one evening this week.

Rob also got the Native Chicken Wings in Buffalo Sauce, which I think everyone at the table could have guessed he'd order!

The food was great- the staff was super pleasant and the establishment was clean and warm. All in all, a lovely place to have a meal. I would just love one to open up a little closer to home. Think one of these would fly in Waldorf? :)

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