Saturday, April 12, 2014

Princess Aurora the Scientist

I had the pleasure this weekend of spending some time with my fantastic niece, Niki.
Niki is 5 years old, and a GIRL. She loves Disney movies and Princesses, so I wasn't too surprised when she told me her baby doll's name was PRINCESS AURORA.
Ever the trouble making left-wing, feminist aunt, I said, "Oh! Princess Aurora looks like she is also a scientist!
Niki wanted to argue with me. "No, she's a PRINCESS," she said.
It took some convincing, but she finally agreed that princesses could also be good at math and science. Her dad, my brother Tim, reminded her of princesses from movies she'd seen ( but I haven't) that were very clever.
I want to start a line of educational toys that don't require the princess mindset to give up the girly girl dreams. I am not going to beat that beast, much as I'd like to eschew the pink aisle at the toy store. Maybe instead of pigeonholing our girls, we can remind them that they can be more than one thing. Like the Goldieblox slogan: "MORE than a princess."
Today, as we got into the car, she asked, " Where's princess scientist Aurora?"


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