Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Photographic evidence 4/5-12

These pictures are not in chronological order, but that bothers no one except me!

Spring is finally springing in the SOMD!  Rob and I took the pups to Thomas Stone Historic Site.  Usually in the spring time, the daffodils are abundant.  We were a little early, but even Jack couldn't resist checking them out.

I have become quite the master at these monster salads.  This one had romaine, arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, chickpeas, and guac, among other things!

Little Jack has been very snuggly this week!  I know all the dogs missed me when I was in NE! 

I got to the airport a little early.  Early enough to have a pre-flight beer!  Cheers!

My lunch on Saturday the 12th, in Eighteen76 in gates E of the STL airport.  Hummus and pita.  Okay as far as airport food goes.

Dinner back in Baltimore- Squisitos made me a whole wheat pasta tossed in olive oil with spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and pine nuts.  Also, we missed the horrible traffic on 295.

Before I left Omaha, Tim, the kids and I spent the day together- I loved the Butterfly pavilion.  Such beauties!  

Ryan is a master at spinning in circles.  Ah to be young!

Saturday morning, I took a run through the Lewis and Clark trail area.  A pedestrian bridge connected Nebraska and Iowa.  I ran in both states!

Dinner Friday night was a Benson Brewery, in Omaha.  Lots of vegan selections.
We started with the seitan hot wings.  They were flavorful, but I think they're cooked better at City o' city in Denver.

For my meal, I ordered the tofu sandwich which was delicious!

And I'll totally return for the stout, which was VEGAN.  In fact, all of the beers at Bensons Brewery are vegan!

My niece, Niki!

Friday afternoon, we ended up at Storz brewery after a lovely walk.  Corey, one of the managers, comped us two growlers!  Yaya!

Friday we took a great walk along the river in Omaha.

Friday we attended a luncheon to honor my MOM, who got a lifetime service award from the first lady of Nebraska because she is just that awesome.

They even fed me vegan food for lunch!  Portabello with beans and corn and veggies and potatoes on the side.

I had to pick the cheese off my salad, but my brother and I instituted a nice trade system.  He got all my cheese, I got all of his olives.

I was taking pictures with Mom's phone, so this is the only one I got of her on my phone.  Hopefully she'll post some soon!

My niece, Niki, and I, having fun in the sun.

Friday morning I ran around Carter Lake, and encountered a vegan soap shop!  Unfortunately, it wasn't open yet (I ran awfully early in the morning) but I'll have to go back there.

Thursday night when I arrived, my folks picked me up at the airport, and took me to Old Chicagos where I was able to get a Shiner Bock and a cheeseless veggie pizza.

On the way to the airport, stopped by Taco Bell.  They don't screw around when you ask for extra lettuce! 

I was hankering a vegan milkshake, but the Silver Diner in the airport doesn't have them.  Guess I'll have to wait for the one in Waldorf to open.

Thursday morning, I took the dogs for a nice long run- we earned our second Lost in Running medal.
Station 2- Hydra- 8k.

Wednesday/Winesday at Bart & Annie's house.  Vegan pizza!

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