Sunday, November 10, 2013

Plan, November11-17

Excitement this week includes a check up at the vet for Little Jack, a vegan runner webinar, and of course more research. I am going back to running 4 days this week, because I feel like a better runner on my long runs when I've gotten out more frequently during the week. My hips were a little sore after last week's long run, so this week I am going to focus on foods rich in potassium.

My SIL, Rachel just shared with me that she's been trying to include one of my posted recipes in her meals each week (yaaaay, Rach!) so I tried to make sure to share the links of the recipes I am using ahead of time, here. 

Run 3
Lentil Loaf with salad

Run 2
Vietnamese Tofu Banh Mi Sandwich

Run 4
Vegan Chik'n &Dill Waffles (I still can't get the deliciousness of City o' City out of my head- and that was JULY). I'll post this recipe next weekend.

Yoga, afternoon walk
Choir Rehearsal, Rob will make dinner.

Run 9.5


Rest day
Baked chili with cornbread biscuit topping

I'm reading Interworld by Neil Gaiman again, and Cari just lent me Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh, and still listening to good old HST. I'm really digging Matt Frazier's new No Meat Athlete Book.  Also just picked up a couple by an incredible poet and spoken word artist, Buddy Wakefield: Live for a living and Gentleman practice. Haven't heard of him?  Try this on for size- I promise you won't waste your time.  Rob and I saw him live- he opened for Ani Difranco this past week and he blew us out of the water.  Imagine a room of 350+ (mostly 20-something girl-power types) waiting patiently for Melissa Ferrik and Ani Difranco being wowed by a guy just talking.  He had the crowd holding their breaths just to be able to hear him better.  Amazing stuff.

As far as my research goes, I got my first draft of my research plan back with good feedback, and have been working on revisions- hopefully will have a new draft submitted on Sunday afternoon. I'm mired in the research of Miles & Hubermann, and looking for an issue of Time from 2005...

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