Friday, November 15, 2013

Nov 18-24 getting re-motivated and cleaning out the freezer

I have been feeling dangerously un-motivated this month. I don't really know the cause, it could be the cooler weather, it could be the time change, it could be Rob's slightly earlier in the morning routine. It could be the cold we keep shuffling around in our house.  Whatever it is, I have been having a hard time getting up and getting going lately. It definitely didn't help being sick this last week.
What I've been reading doesn't help. In the book Marathoning for mortals, they talk about if you miss a run, that it is okay as long as it isn't your weekly long run. Well, that just makes it alright for me to sleep in a bit...

I actually didn't even get my long run it this week. Damn cold.

So, I need a little kick to get back into my training pace. I will be participating in the Runners World 2013 Holiday streak, and will be running at least one mile every day. (while this is a running streak, the days that I am on the slopes I will be skiing, which isn't officially sanctioned by RW, but I am okay with that.)

I've also decided to do at least 14 races in 2014, and have already signed up for two: a 15k in January, and a half marathon in March.

So, here's my plan for the week. I'm cleaning out the freezer some this week, since it is pretty full due to our Mia's-quitting-MOM's-so-we-need-to-use-that-30%-discount-one-last-time shopping trip. So the recipes this week include those items as ingredients. Therefore, these meals are kind of vague in description. I'll know more as I make them, and will document for you, friends!

Walk 1
Run 3
Stuffed Maple Tofu

Walk 1
Run 2
Mystery freezer meal: likely rice/veggie/protein bowls (I know I have some seitan and veggies in the freezer)

Walk 1
Run 4 (#run4philippines Virtual 5k)
Not-so-Mystery freezer meal:Tofurky Kielbasa with cabbage, onions, and mixed vegetables

Walk & Yoga
Choir Rehearsal (this will be our dress rehearsal since next week is Thanksgiving!) so Rob's in charge of dinner.

Walk 1
Run 9.5 (#downtherabbithole Virtual 10k)
Not-so-Mystery freezer meal: Gardein BBQ Pulled Shreds and coleslaw
I'm getting together with a friend tonight for Wine & Crafts!

Rest day
Mystery freezer meal:TBA

CSM Turkey Trot 5k
Mystery freezer meal:TBA

Rob is reading the E2 diet by Rip Esselstein, and I'm hoping he'll be willing to try that after Thanksgiving. In the meantime, though, I'm prepping my Thanksliving blog for next week. 

On the dissertation front, my second draft got returned to me, and I have lots of edits still to make.  It's a frustrating process, but I am learning a lot. These past few weeks I've read a number of dissertations just to get a good idea of what I'm getting into.

I've just finished reading Steven King's The Shining, which I've never read- and is a really good one. (We also watched the movie Saturday night, which was no where as good as the book!)  I also read this week Wilderness by Dean Koontz, am re-reading The Dogs of Babel by Carolyn Parkhurst, I read a short story- The Princess and the Pea by Diane Setterfield, and started I am the messenger by Markus Zusak. I am currently working my way through a collection of short stories by H. P. Lovecraft, and I just ordered a book recommended by my mentor on Qualitative Research Methods by Michael Patton.

Speaking of books, I made a visit to my favorite used book store on Saturday (Booknuts in White Plains, MD), and John had put aside a great big pile of books he thought I might be interested in! Mostly math, one running log, and one Thurber novel. What a find! One is a collection on Math riddles/logic/word problems from the 1960's, and I'm so excited!

Sunday Rob and I went into DC to The B Spot Cafe for their monthly vegan jazz brunch. Even though neither of us was feeling great (this cold has everyone in the house, dogs included, feeling out of sorts, by Sunday, I still had my sexy Betty Grable voice, and poor Rob's nose was really drippy) we still went. To tell the truth, if we hadn't pre-paid, we wouldn't have gone, but it wasn't cheap ($22.95 per person).

The menu looked delicious, though, so we sucked it up and headed into town.

And it was worth it. The food was delicious, and we met some lovely folks! And the jazz band was great fun to listen to.

After brunch, Rob and I walked up to Eastern Market, where I picked up some apples, and George Michaels' Faith album on LP!

Too bad I was still stuffed from brunch. Zoe's vegan had a booth set up at the market, but I bought some zucchini bread for later.

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