Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dogs of Babel-Carolyn Parkhurst

The first time I read this book, I had just finished Audrey Niffenger's Time Travelers Wife, which I loved. Sometimes, after reading a really good book that touches your soul, you don't want to immediately dive into a new book. What if it isn't as good? (surely it can't be!) what if it is good, and you forget about how good the first book was? And doesn't it feel a little like cheating- moving on so quickly to a new book?
I wanted to read something else, but didn't know what, and at the time, I visited the library frequently. When I returned the Niffenger's novel, I glanced over at the re-shelve cart, and saw this one, and decided to give it a try. While by different authors, and about different subjects, The Dogs of Babel left me with a similar peacefulness akin to that which I had felt with the Time Travelers Wife.  A bit of melancholy, a sweet story, I started recommending Carolyn Parkhurst's novel to any one I heard say they liked the Time Travelers Wife.
I just re-read the Dogs of Babel novel, and am pleased that the magic is still there. This novel centers around Paul, a linguist professor, whose recent death of his wife, Lexy, has prompted him to wonder if their dog, Lorelei, can tell him anything about the afternoon that changed his life.
Being that my dogs, Lilly (9) the Beagle, Copper (2) the Terrier/Lab mix, and Jack (4) the Schnauzer, are such an intricate part of our family, I could relate to Paul's devotion to Lorelei. Our pups run with me almost daily, they sleep with us, we take them on vacations. I cannot imagine life without them.

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