Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer solstice

Today is June 21, and where I live, today is the longest day of the year. Summer Solstice. Solstice means the standing still of the sun, and I've always felt very energetic on this day.

New Year's is when most people declare their resolutions. These goals are often quickly forgotten, or else, by January 7, they seem overwhelming or impossible. Maybe because I've been a teacher for so long, but I always thought of the new year beggining over the summer, and that may be why I love the solstice so much. There's also the connection I feel with the sun in other ways. As a child, my dad used to sing me "Sunshine on my shoulder" by John Denver. In High School, my dear friend Jon (AKA Ducky) gave me the nickname "Sunny" which stayed with me for many years.

So today, on this longest day, I like to set intentions for myself for the remainder of the year. These are not resolutions, but  reminders to myself of the human I want to be.

I intend to...
Live each day the best life I can
Practice kindness to all sentient beings, including myself
Allow and inspire creativity
Seek out knowledge
Discover beauty in all that surrounds me, including myself

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